Is Vaping Becoming a Cult?

Shortly after the appearance of Hajek's study, an article appeared in The Verge, an online journal devoted to cutting edge trends in world culture, that may stand as a complete confirmation of the point. "This is my e-cig. There are many like it, but this one is mine," by Verge editor Dieter Bohn of San Francisco, suggests near cultic significance for the personal vaporizer. The sacralization of Bohn's mod found a prolific echo among Verge readers – within 24 hours there were 261 comments!

"You watch disposables appear at the corner bodega," says Bohn, "and know that they are not your e-cig and they do not come from your people. They are the first attempts by major tobacco corporations to co-opt your culture and and make it a commodity.... These companies want to de-weird it. To make it theirs."

Of course, many vapers take a much more traditional view than the Verge editor's. The vaping community is diverse. What unites vapers is their former enjoyment of smoking and their commitment to saving their lives, through the agency of "an instrument for delivering a tiny death so that I might forestall the desire for a true death, which is the true purpose of a cigarette."

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This is very different to traditional tobacco cigarettes, which burn tobacco leaves producing a dangerous cocktail of carcinogens in addition to nicotine.

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