Introduction of E-Cigarettes is Not simple #part3

Second, please do not covet cheap, there is no pie in the sky, a point of a price of goods, you buy your own rape oil, if the price is outrageous, you do not have to worry about oil will be a problem?

Finally, let's talk about the size of the smoke:

Some buyers do not know how to be fooled, one up to a configuration, a variety of dazzling......

In fact, the whole set of equipment to allow buyers to the point where people are forced to Manniu ^ ^

Just like buying a Samsung apple machine behind the cover and then with a SONY headset, battery, speakers are replaced by Jin voice king two more brightly coloured dust plug (if such words as sales really jumped to ah ha ha)

For novices, don't mix too much with some good equipment, for example, people often use a ten W battery pole, which is not a waste!

Of course, the seller can not blame, some people really do not know where to look at the Raiders, ask and do not ask the order....

For novice, first buy a good set of suits, because this is the manufacturers, agents, consumers have recognized the same level of the best collocation (single finger collocation)

Then he put the oil spill, smoke, taste, pressure and intake of these thinking clearly, and then slowly study what what, these are the need to experience, don't spend a lot of money up, finally all may be wasted.

And the amount of smoke doesn't mean you're equipped with a good atomizer, and smoke is big.

Good atomizer. Can your battery stick?

If your pole good, then your atomizer is good, if you two are good, then you don't smoke choking choking?

If you smoke two seconds, the throat can not stand, you a set of thousands of dollars of equipment, not all finished?

In the end, I couldn't figure out where the problem was, and pushed the quality of the product to the seller......

I don't know how many sellers died!!!

Originally, the electronic cigarette is the need to a certain ability, so have to buy yourself a package deal, which give you a full set of collocation, and then himself several times to replace the entire core atomization, the best atomizer removed met this problem, see structure, your heart can also have a bottom.

Can not meet a spill, said the product is not good, or is fake, you may add their own smoke are not familiar with it!

So, buy a less expensive goods, they play a few months, the best time for the gas was removed and then put back, try a few smoke, smoke can know how to play, encountered oil frying oil choking throat. What trifles themselves can solve the quality problem of the product (no case so even if you started).

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