From some sources that the electronic cigarette, interested, want to buy, but do not know how to choose the style, how to choose the seller, how to identify the authenticity of the electronic cigarette, pick a good love style, also do not understand whether for themselves, how to use, see some explosion, carcinogenic, high imitation in some news in the news started I do not know how to safely use, with profound respect and humility, a treasure and Post Bar and various forums, QQ group of countless childcare have made themselves feel dazzling, who have no reliable, this time how to do?

First, the electronic cigarette is divided into 2 kinds, taste type and big smoke, so when the electronic cigarette you want to make sure that your own needs, want to quit, or to be cool posing play big smoke, or 2 want to have!!!

If you are ready for smoke or quit smoking, it must choose a good taste and good taste of the atomizer, smoke is generally not too large, because a relationship with core atomization of the resistance, resistance and high taste good, low smoke resistance is big, taste is slightly worse. So someone says I want one of the biggest smoke and the best taste, so don't think unless you do it yourself. Do their own atomization core, as a novice friends, I still do not recommend you DIY, must have some understanding and then do.

See here, we should be positioned ourselves, then how do we choose electronic smoke?

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there are a lot of people still remain in the generation of two generations of the old era of electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette old actually from the basic principle, and now the electronic cigarette is new, is the heat generated by electric heating resistance wire, the oil guide material to guide oil, heating atomization. Out of smoke.

So some people would say, "I've taken those electronic cigarettes, they're useless, and they're thrown away in a few days. Why do you want to try new electronic cigarettes?"

So for novices, the best recommendation is to confirm the finished product taste atomizer.

3. smoke

Many people believe that the electronic cigarette in the first contact will be pumped to businesses are often the first to send smoke, are generally made of these cheap oil is counterproductive, let electronic cigarette products have been very good to be abandoned, let people lose confidence in the electronic cigarette again.

And often some buyers come up and ask, "how many boxes of oil do you send?"

To be honest, if you send a few boxes of oil can be used as a powerful competitive means, if the buyer to choose the seller, then this buyer is too silly
Originally the domestic electronic smoke is not standardized, and even a lot of so-called imported oil are only in their own domestic blending, OEM, not to mention a smoke, can often see people to ask why the store to send smoke after smoking, cough, headache, sore throat, asthma and problems
These problems have one thing in common, that is, "store gift.""!!

After all, what things are to spend the cost, but our consumers love cheap goods, but also the number of businesses in order to control profits, and with those to send ten box oil competition, can choose only the quality of the three products to compete as a bargaining chip

So the business is difficult to do, the market is chaotic, in fact, or consumer awareness of the problem

For example, those who sell 2 dollars a box of smoke, I go, no packaging, is cheaper than drainage oil wholesale price, actually sell very fire
Otherwise, I'll give you 20 boxes at a time. The question is, do you dare?

Some people say that, so much oil imports than domestic expensive, I can bear! I want to say, you want to use the electronic cigarette is intended to save money is what?? I think it is for health! So cheap oil due to cost reasons, had to use chemical nicotine, chemical synthesis the flavor. So, these damage to your body even more than the real smoke, it will lose the meaning of smoking electronic cigarettes, is not it?

So with the smoke cigarette rod is the same need to pay attention to quality, do not covet cheap!!

To sum up, we buy electronic cigarettes, a look for big manufacturers of the regular third generation electronic cigarette products, which represents the quality of the whole product, safety, health!

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