Introduction of E Cigarette for Beginner

One. Preface

First of all, there's a lot of crap in this post. If you're just looking at the product recommendation, go down to the fourth part, and you can skip it.
When I first contacted the electronic cigarette, I was lucky to have seen one of the blue flames on the Internet, which was recommended as a post. I chose a elips-c as my first set of electronic cigarettes.

In fact, at that time I also want very lucky, although my elips-c in my hand by tossing half alive (3 days I can burn 2 core atomization, within 10 days of the battery to play bad 2 times), but still does not affect my love for this smoking, this is not because he is the best but, only for a personal preference.

With the passage of time, the blue posts do not know where to go, the electronic cigarette is also constantly updated, more and more popular, new people are more and more. And every time I see a new person misled by various advertisers, to buy those low-end cheap goods, there will be a variety of exclamations. As an electronic cigarette enthusiasts, I hope to make my efforts to recommend a little better electronic cigarettes, to guide you to experience better products, less detours.

So now I want to write a detailed post, the contents of which is not necessarily me but I was keenly aware of, roughly according to the written evaluation of the electronic cigarette fancier, which of course there will be some impression, but I believe most of the content is more reliable, hoping to give some help to the confusion in the new.


Two. On the concept of electronic cigarettes

First of all, I'd like to point out that real cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are two kinds of things, which most people don't know. In terms of smoke, one is the solid particles produced after combustion, and the other is the fog produced by liquid atomization at high temperature. The former is smoked bacon, the latter is oil, which is purely the two concept.

One of the most misunderstood facts is that electronic cigarettes are not smoking cessation products, most of them are smoking cessation aids, and they are just substitutes for cigarettes. His principle is to use nicotine to solve the addiction on the body, using simulated smoke and simulated tobacco taste to solve psychological addiction, so as to achieve the effect of smoke. Even if Mars produces electronic cigarettes, he doesn't have the slightest chance of getting rid of the lung and smoking. Another case is that in the end really is really to get rid of the smoke, the electronic cigarette is addictive, this situation is very common, the electronic cigarette fancier group of friends, basically belong to this situation.

The electronic cigarette, there is a problem, just start smoking, most of the friends will feel better not really smoke smoke, because the smoke inside itself does not contain tar, in flavor, with really smoke or have a certain degree of difference.

So, if you're not interested in electronic cigarettes, or have some determination, want to quit your real cigarette friends, and advise you not to buy electronic cigarettes, because this thing may not help you.

So, friends have to ask, and can not clear lung, and can not quit smoking, I have to choose this thing for hair, so the difference between electronic smoke and real smoke, I want to explain, roughly the following points:

1. electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, etc. almost all cigarettes have harmful substances, he only contains nicotine, and nicotine itself does not have much harm, it is just addictive thing. Of course, you can't eat too much. You smoke 8 packets of real cigarettes a day, and you can also get nicotine poisoning.

2. electronic cigarettes almost do not produce second-hand smoke, and they produce a small amount, and will not make people feel bad fog, the impact on the surrounding people and real smoke second-hand smoke, almost negligible.

3. electronic cigarette can artificially control the content of nicotine, can gradually reduce the nicotine content in use, with their will, and ultimately may achieve the effect of smoking cessation.

Three. Structure description of electronic cigarette and some personal opinions

Basically, all electronic smoke is actually made up of 2 main parts: the battery end and the atomizer, and the part atomizer contains the atomizing core. That is to buy a battery, buy a nebulizer plug, add oil, can be used, of course, if you don't buy a charger when the disposable use, I also don't say what. The smoke and nebulizer (core) is the amount of consumables, need to prepare a point.

For electronic cigarettes, I have a simple idea

The smoky little smoke than good

Smoke than good smoke bombs

Manual is better than automatic

On this basis, it's basically a penny share

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