Imecig Tips about the Coils

For many new e-cigarette users they might have no idea about the coils. Here we have some tips:

How long do coils last? This really depends on the kind of eliquid you are vaping, how much you vape, and how much power your device uses. It could be anywhere from a week to a few months depending on all of these factors.

On the eliquid front, flavours that are more acid, such as fruit flavours, will cause the coil to degrade faster. The thickness of the eliquid also plays a key role - the higher the viscosity, the quicker your coils will burn out. Vegetable glycerin is much thicker than propylene glycol, so if you are vaping a blend with more vegetable glycerin, your coil will burn out faster because it will get gunked up more easily.

If you are a heavy vaper, and/or are using a higher powered device, you will need to replace your coils more regularly. More use and more power will burn out coils faster. How do I know if my coil is going bad?  You will notice a slight burnt taste on your vape consistently when your coil is close to dying. When it is dead, it will no longer heat and it will not produce vapour. Some designs may also leak and/or produce a gurgling sound when the coil starts to fail; well-manufactured vape kits generally will not leak, but they will gurgle. A fresh coil always makes for a better vaping experience, so you should change it out if you begin to notice any of these signs.

Here we provide this one for your reference:

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It’s safe for using and it’s very convenient to change.

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