Huahua Steam Passenger Prevent Electronic Cigarette Atomizer of Small Core Paste Method

There are often friends will wonder why the same equipment , same tobacco tar , smoking a smoking just can ' t pull out the original flavor ? even feeling in his throat and spilt spicy paprika for her voice . 

a problem occurs when the fundamental is of pasty core " has been undoubtedly . A normal of the atomizing core can be used for varying periods , depending on use , which is calculated in accordance with the basic frequency , typically for suction with a great quantity of friends is available with three or four days , less the amount of suction can be used on the two week or even longer time . If the core paste , which means that the core of the waste , not be used again . In the finished good atomizing core is replaceable , although compared to a device for atomizing core of price can be said to be a drop in the ocean , but there are too often replaced , the good points of the core ( of course I ' m ashamed to go for a minute and a stock price ) , a 4 - day , half a month , changing the atomizing core of light overhead as sb of course , excluded ) . then introduces three areas requiring attention , let the atomizing core is not so easy , " paste " .   

1 . Run the core 

The new inner core is dried , the completion of the addition of oil as used in a state in which the core is formed by the inside of the cotton is still in the dry state , the ignition heating , which is equal to the dry burning cotton . Most of the liquid conducting material itself is organic , the heated high temperature carbonize , and serious and it is possible to directly burn through cotton , losing the oil , the oil - repellent . So the burning will occur , affecting the taste of tobacco smoke . 

Solution : After 3 - 5 minutes after the re - use , cotton is made sufficiently infiltrated .  SINGLE men in possession of a watched pot never boils " - this is truth , not only hasty - Tempered Man Impossible for Hot Bean Curd , also easy to burn out the core . so the rookies , remember core to Run ! 

2 . Add oil 

There are little partner may feel the last fueling is too many , escaped to the outside ; there is also a possible added thinking once less oil , trying to figure out how to smoke other tastes of the time didn ' t have to worry about too much oil in tank not immediately run out . And the thing is , don ' t want no more oil in these tanks to get refueled . These use habit , not only would save remarkably , also easily paste the core . 

Solution : refueling when the amount of oil must not be lower than the inlet orifice of the atomizing core ; shall be added in a timely fashion , to prevent dry burning cotton . As shown above , the different atomizing core of the oil inlet of different size , as long as the oil pressure supply oil exceeds the highest good , but not too much oil , so as to prevent oil leakage . 

3 . The adjusted power good 

It is the problem of power involves the adaptation and proper ignition time , and every one of the different intensity of the output of the power supply device , there is no absolute data as a reference . it should be appreciated that the provider should be used for the adaptation value ( box type , which we usually said is the output of the voltage and wattage ) , as well as the use of the experience to do things differently . " 

Solution : power according to the resistance to pushing , not pulling not according to the on - off switch , not continuous pumping , pumping a few mouthfuls of the interval of a few seconds and then used . 

4 . Select the appropriate VG of tobacco tar content 

What - smoke what suits atomizer Influence of atomizers , in addition to considering the effects of tobacco smoke taste should also consider the consistency of the fit - smoke ) . general good fluidity of the tar content ( VG ) is smaller than the one in the oil guide is relatively fast , the concentration of high tar content ( VG ) is greater in the case of the atomizer is needed in a little attention to the oil - carrying speed and avoid the oil , making the dry burning core . 

high sweetness , because high sweetness , sugar is high , and easily produces carbon deposits , so that the amount of smoke than in the originally used when the core is small , it is likely that we will artificially increase or prolong a suction output of the time to reach the previously generated , the amount of smoke . and really , really have begun to appear in the interior of the core paste . 

The solution : generally like the nautilus manage this class pays great attention to the taste of the atomizer type , select the VG of the low content of tar is perfect , it ' s not easy to paste core , but also reduction tar with authentic taste ! with respect to the upper left of FIG . 80 : 20 ( VG : PG ) , the right of the 60 : 40 ( VG : PG ) is better suited to the taste of the type of atomizer from us ! 

Huahua steam passenger feel experience is fished out , the vast majority problem is also caused by improper operation , Huahua steam passenger suggested the rookies look more experience , when you ' re actually a little more attention to good schools , which are consumables , in the case of non - essential , less consumption point . The lower point ! 

Reprinted from aspire Electronic cigarette Information 

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