How to Deal with Atomizer Lock?

Newcomers into the pit , atomizer How can ' t get it off , asking that the " locked out " what to release . For veteran players , deadlocking issue was dealt with ways to " unlock " , and a recent appearance of several new tools have " unlocked " function . But we do not have these tools ?   

rubber gloves in their life is relatively common , usually in the kitchen may see its shadow . It not only served as clean of life , but also can be used as the " unlocking " the device to save you .   

Use of the method is very simple , not worn , on two gloves respectively encase the device on a suitable place , and then forcibly rotated , capable of opening the lock - up device . This method is generally efficient deadlocking of the equipment can reach 90 % or more , and not a scratch on the surface of the device , does not damage the equipment . If you don ' t even use rubber gloves is not open , it ' s still a ready disassembly of the vise of violence were.

The principle of this method there is no scientific justification , but wisdom is the rubber gloves increase the friction , but also rubber gloves are soft , easy to collapse onto the device , and therefore more effective .

" Rubber Glove unlocking method " Actually a lot of old players all know , because in the early days the use mechanical rod , then the mechanical lever are mostly combination of two tube wall , but " exquisite " craftsmanship as the atomizer is not fine , it frequently occurs that the poles and an atomiser or the like of the device latch - up , I don ' t know who ' s who of the discovery and sharing of programs , then the rubber glove unlocking method is widely used .

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