How Other People Thinks about Vapor

No longer do you have to roll down the window in the middle of winter to let that smog out or step outside after a huge satisfying meal. You’re no longer out of breath after extraneous activity and don’t reek of stink after a few drags during your lunch break. Fantastic! I’m excited, you’re excited, but we’re not all excited… Not everyone feels the same way as you do outside of your own home. As a community we must follow the basic rule: Don’t vape where you can’t smoke!

Why not? It doesn’t smell. There’s no danger of secondhand smoke. Vapor dissipates and doesn’t leave a lingering smell. So why can’t we take a few puffs during Happy Hour at Applebee’s?! Simple answer is we want to be courteous of others and the owner(s) of the establishment.

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