How Exactly Does A E-Cigarette Work? -Reservoir

Nicotine Liquid Reservoir– every e-cigarette needs some type of reservoir to get the e-liquid to the heating element. The more you can carry, the longer you can go between fill-ups.

Cartridge- used in basic rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Prefilled and disposable, one time use usually.

Cartomizer- is like an atomizer, but with a poly-fill blanket wrapping the heating element. This allows the element to soak in the e-liquid at a constant rate and hold much more e-liquid than an atomizer.

Tankomizer- Some cartomizers have holes punched into the sides to allow them to be placed in a larger tank full of e-liquid. The e-liquid seeps into the holes soaking the poly-fill.

Clearomizers- have a heating element that is wrapped around a wick. The wick is long enough to draw the e-liquid from the outer reservoir into the heating element. These are popular due to the cheap cost and ease-of-use. Just take the mouthpiece off and fill tank directly.

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