How Exactly Does A E-Cigarette Work?

Some Imecig fans ask for the e-cig data of our products and would like to learn the E-cig knowledge. Here we would talk about the battery.

Battery– this may be a disposable battery, or rechargeable. Many of the batteries are built into the housing of the electronic cigarette and are not accessible. The bigger the battery, the longer you can go between charges. Most batteries put out around 3.7 volts unless they are variable voltage.

Disposable– throw-away one-time use. Just use and toss in trash when done. These are no hassle and easy to use.

Rechargeable– recharge the battery and replace the cartridge why empty

E-go– bigger rechargeable battery and more powerful than disposable or rechargeable.

Personal Vaporizer (MOD)- biggest electronic cigarette and usually heavier and bulky. Most have LED screen and adjustable settings such as voltage output. Many have removable rechargeable batteries.

Electronic Cigars– usually one-piece disposable unit that is filled with cigar flavored e-juice. Make to look like cigar.

Use this vape starter kit, no need to worry about the battery issue.

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