Harm of E Cigarette #Part3

When an electronic cigarette heats up steam, when it comes to lung cancer, electronic cigarettes are certainly much safer than traditional cigarettes.

If you want to and traditional cigarettes than harm, it should be on harm of manufacturing raw materials, oil and other ancillary products more, especially the harm of inferior electronic cigarette.

1. some unscrupulous businessmen to achieve better results, fake smoke may contain harmful substances, such as two glycol instead of propylene glycol, nitrosamines, plasticizers, such as heavy metals, it will cause great harm to the human body.

2. there are some electronic cigarette battery without mandatory safety and quality certification, the lithium battery in the electronic cigarette into the small volume, is like a time bomb in the mouth, the electronic cigarette first America explosion in smokers mouth accidents, such as lithium batteries to blame.

3. some businesses in the electronic cigarette inside added excessive nicotine, light cause the user dizziness, nausea and vomiting, may cause poisoning.

4. many of the above market electronic cigarette called "7 days successfully quit smoking, unsuccessful refund" and so on, one-sided exaggerated electronic cigarette smoking cessation auxiliary role.

5. electronic cigarette market, the existence of fake accidents: fake problems at home and abroad had a number of electronic cigarette products, serious accidents caused by quality problems, it is caused by the national media attention and criticism of the electronic cigarette product problem.

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