Harm of E Cigarette #Part1

There is a fundamental difference between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Cigarette smoke is the solid particles produced after combustion. The smoke of electronic smoke is the mist produced by liquid atomization at high temperature.

Electronic cigarette smoke is not a smoking cessation product. It can only be regarded as a smoking cessation aid, but only a substitute for tobacco. His principle is to use nicotine to solve the addiction on the body, using simulated smoke and Simulation of tobacco taste to solve psychological addiction, in order to achieve the effect of smoke. The use of electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, there is a situation may be that the real cigarette is quit, electronic cigarette addiction.

The smoke of electronic cigarettes does not contain tar, but there is still some difference between the taste and the true smoke.
This is the electronic cigarette. Here's why you choose electronic cigarettes.


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