Electronic Cigarette Mass Number

Electronic cigarette mass number : On July 13 , according to U.S . for the Implementation of the Provisions of the tobacco in Sheung Wan , the British public cleaning and other 12 clean British public signed a statement endorsing the electronic cigarette of the cigarette than damage is significantly small . its signing key milestones with meaning , a symbol of British public cleaning arrangements all approved e - cigarettes , e - cigarettes for the dedication and safe location !

public cleaning arrangements in the joint statement said , " Since 2000 , British adults smoke , one - third and two thirds of the children in . But , almost one - fifth of adults sustained more poverty in the Community , which means that they constitute a large bear some of the damage , and a higher interest rate . We have a violent fit of these public clean up together , which is in the interests of the smoker ' s health . "

" We all agreed on , the electronic cigarette smoking is significantly smaller than the damage . " We ' re all from smokers are made on the basis of the marked , through e - cigarettes health there is relatively little danger , but we need to sustain long - time research .

" But , in the image of the millions of smokers , still believe that e - cigarettes and damage of the original of the same , or even considered harmful tobacco . But , beyond the 130 million British e - cigarette users are now thoroughly in succession smoking . We have a responsibility to supply us all to be made on the basis of clear information , encouraging smokers to quit smoking completely , and help avoid a recurrence of smoking .

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