Best Electronic Cigarette with Teenagers

By all the electronic cigarette , I understand the feeling . This is a strawberry mint - flavored tobacco tar , a battery or the like of the pen like e - cigarettes , like cigarettes give me satisfaction . 

As a former smoker , I know the feeling . and different cigarette , electronic cigarettes in a tar , which is Nitrosamine - free , and you can choose , with or without nicotine of tobacco tar , tar 3 mg , 6 mg , 12 mg , or higher concentrations , also have a completely free of 8.0 mg nicotine of tobacco tar . 

no tar and no nicotine , all good ? Public health experts praise e - cigarettes are a healthy and effective smoking cessation an auxiliary product . 

But in e - cigarettes to adolescents become crazy popular after the experts , and changed his views . Now teenagers and adults started using electronic cigarettes . They say , be careful , this stuff could be harmful , only adults may be used . My idea is that if e - cigarettes were proved to be really bad for me to support this allegation . But the problem is , there is currently no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are hazardous . So I think , in the absence of evidence to use against young people , is wrong . 

When something becomes popular , people can easily over - reaction . From 2013 to 2014 , more of the U.S . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the U.S . middle - and high school students used electronic cigarettes and the number of 240 million , teenagers are smoking less , using e - cigarettes is growing . 

Electronic smoke - and - mortar stores are more and more , to become e - cigarette lovers recreation and gathering , and pest and disease control , it also provides a cigarette of another important function - - - social . Electronic cigarette lovers even organize in electronic cigarette of the game . 

But the adult world began to restrict e - cigarettes , some places started in public is prohibited their use , in some places significantly over the taxation of e - cigarette products . if we don ' t know is not determined whether e - cigarettes are harmful , not only the world of the adults started to restrict e - cigarettes , more severe restriction of teenagers use e - cigarettes . 

But for teenagers , adults and adolescents the more limited use of electronic cigarettes , electronic cigarettes to teenagers is even more attractive . 

It is a ritual , it ' s in the human world in which teenagers keep some adults feel afraid of something , to prove they are old enough , they can make their own decisions . When your toys away , grabbed a cigarette , it ' s a ritual , a kind of hope from a child ' s transition to adult aspirations , he feared , as it is exhilarating . Everyone wants to become an independent , their lives , even if not , is on the adult world of war . 

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