Electronic Cigarette Smoke of 4 Species , 3 Species are Used in a Training Toothpaste in Infants

It seems to have many The media In the publicity says . tobacco tar of electronic cigarette the component is harmful .

media and traditional tobacco company spared no effort to publicize the dangers of electronic cigarettes , to combat traditional tobacco , switched to electronic cigarettes . 

the so - called doctors to promote e - cigarette potentially harmful component ,even Some people said the electronic cigarette than the harm of smoking is greater . So , let ' s move to e - cigarettes in smoke what component . 

In most There are 4 species of e liquid component .

1 . propylene glycol

2 . Vegetable glycerin

3 . nicotine ( optional )

4 . flavourings

in addition to the nicotine In infant training toothpaste in contain the other three components , but also in the training of toothpaste with the caption swallow It is safe .

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