Electronic Cigarette Maintenance Manual

1. place

Electronic cigarette should be placed to observe a steam atomizer with smoke reason, placed when should tip up, when no smoke is relatively free, but it is best not inverted, to prevent residual oil with atomizer. In addition, if placed in an electronic vapor smoke lying flat, it is easy to cause falling from the desktop, and even damage, can not be used. And keep away from fire and high temperatures.

2. battery maintenance

Battery maintenance is very important, because the electronic steam smoke battery is one of the main components, the battery to run out of power after charging, charging a full, not half-way off, the battery is full within half an hour out, shut off the power supply is not used for a long time, the general electronic steam smoke is 2 seconds 5 combo switch, switch machine stand up; smoking time not too long, to prevent overheating of the battery of battery life.

3. atomizer

The atomizer is the core of core atomization, atomization core is composed of resistors and lead wick and some accessories. The most common problem with atomizer is that the atomizer produces burnt taste. The reason is the resistance heating will burn the oil guide. So in the process of using, should pay attention to the remaining amount of smoke, do not dry. Adjustable pressure cabin to appropriate voltage regulation, not the pursuit of high voltage, suitable taste is good, if you want to smoke, must pay attention to oil smoke, smoke generally remaining in the above 2/3, 5-6V voltage is not prone to smell, with oil to reduce slowly lower voltage.

4. About oil leakage and some oil treatment in atomizer

Conventional atomizer usually has a guide hole at the bottom, which is used to guide air. But for a long time, there will be a little smoke (but will not leak to the outside body, do not feel the overflow, this is normal). Advice every time will add oil atomizer cell and separated with paper towel can be. As a general day about oil smoke, wipe once a day.


Atomizer leakage, mainly in the following two situations:

There is oil in the place where the cigarette holder contacts with the mouth. The reason may be that the fuel is mistakenly added to the smoke port and can be wiped with paper towels;

The oil smoke cigarette holder but no oil, will wipe with a tissue core atomization, rub into strips into a smoke hole in the smoke can be dry.

Electronic steam smoke is also a kind of cigarette, which is a good substitute for cigarette in the future. Electronic vapor smoke has some functions of replacing cigarettes, which can be considered according to individual differences. Friends who give up smoking can bring some help, but after all, the key to quit smoking is the will of the individual.

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