Electronic Cigarette is a Kind of Culture. Don't Smoke Too Much!

Electronic cigarette is a kind of culture. Don't smoke too much. Electronic cigarette is a new electronic product recently. But do you know about electronic cigarette? Now let me tell you.

Q: Why are you interested in electronic cigarettes?
Coco: it's my health drive, and now I don't smoke traditional cigarettes anymore.


Q: is it healthy to smoke electronic cigarettes?
Kid: electronic cigarette tar and carbon monoxide without smoke, are food grade ingredients.


Q: what attracted you most at the beginning of the electronic cigarette?

Eden WONG: it's cool. It's very attractive to me.

How to play electronic cigarette:

Fancy a lot, such as jellyfish, double laps, etc.. You can go to Youku to find vgod videos, and there are a few members who play very well..


Very wonderful smoke:

A lot of crazy guests seen, in addition to love chili, mojito taste, add essential balm, toilet water to suck, courage!

How do you look at electronic cigarettes on the street like skateboarding?:

It's a culture, not just a smoke. There are a lot of changes and gameplay. It's fun!


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