Electronic Cigarette FAQs to Disabuse

1 , Electronic cigarette how do they work ?

basic electronic cigarette is a battery rod + atomizer combination tobacco tar Add in the atomizer . a battery current in the heating of a heating , high temperature gasification tar , become smoke , we are drawn into the mouth .

2 , electronic cigarettes containing nicotine ?

You completely see the purchase of tobacco tar . All of the tobacco product in the description on the content , and most of the in smoke contains nicotine . if you select use of the start of a completely does not contain nicotine of tobacco products , the withdrawal reaction might be very strong . There are a lot of players also selected without nicotine products , but also very fun to play . In trying to quit smoking early , you should choose the nicotine has a relatively high content of tar , 18MG , and then slowly transition to 12MG , 6MG , 0 , at the time of purchase the merchant can be addressed directly to the content . If you ultimately tossed out the cigarettes , we really happy for you .

3 , Electronic cigarette harmful ? 

above see you knowing full well that the work principle of the electronic cigarette is harmful . simple said e - cigarette smoke contains nicotine , the nicotine in cigarettes , so they give you pleasure . But e - cigarettes out of the smoke does not contain tar and harmful components of cigarette tar is mainly hurt the body of the substance , Electronic smoke cigarettes or than the much smaller marmoset .

4 , smoking e - feeling of cigarette of feel the same ?

puff on the cigarette with the feeling of not feeling exactly the same . smoking e you essentially is steam , not grainy , softer , and if you are a smoker , or likes to smoke tobacco player , e - cigarettes might make you feel very disappointed , because e - cigarettes with conventional tobacco smoke taste is different .

5, For quitting smoking , electronic cigarettes will really help ?

tobacco craving in abstinent individuals relied on willpower . If your willpower is strong enough , nothing can also be drawn to stop smoking completely . electronic tobacco product is more like a no - smoking time substitute , you quitting on the road to provide some assistance . A player does not like electronic cigarette smoking again , there is also the player slowly out of the cigarette . Fortunately , more and more friends posting that I have long been a cigarette . But for this problem , we must be cautious to answer . If we do not believe that someday you really quitting smoking , electronic cigarettes is to its credit . That ' s just your hard work .

6, electronic cigarette , is divided into several categories ?

Electronic cigarette from birth to development experienced three main stages . The first stage is the earliest electronic battery tobacco rod , since the heat generation low , tar is not following the etc , have been falling out of the mainstream .

the second stage is the EGO , and indeed may be oil - storage type of electronic cigarettes , electronic cigarettes is the history of important change . It makes the electronic cigarette to replace traditional cigarette is possible .

We are currently experiencing a third stage , the finished atomizer ( EGO ) , a drip reservoir type atomizer and the atomizer in an age of both . And a variety of electronic cigarette related to playing the game and there have been numerous mechanical bar , electronic bar , wound wire , the smoke or the like . In this period , the electronic cigarette is enjoying from physiological theory to be enjoyed , very much . That was fantastic . at the same time also the hours are the laws of the time , so please do stop by learning and understanding . We want to be able to share with you highlights of the electronic cigarette , rather than the unpleasant facts might have caused you harm .

7 , the electronic cigarette will make bad taste ?

Once the player has to reflect the influence on the taste of tar , it ' s because smoke atomization is not complete , or other improper installation of the equipment caused the spill . Even if e - cigarettes smoked a day , nor the objectionable taste . But please select quality of the tobacco tar , although tar with cheap and shoddy , " and it ' s healthy but doesn ' t buy .

8, e - cigarette smoking of Langhan ' s different ?

Many beginners don ' t know , a lot of e - cigarettes is a continuous click the button five times , the continuous click shut down five times . After power - on button is pressed , it is as simple as that .

in addition to the use of traditional electronic cigarette smoking , there is also a method directly using pulmonary absorption method . traditional cigarettes too stimulating , are unable to use this method of smoking . But even if no other method , with a traditional smoking methods is also a good choice .

9 , is a cheap electronic cigarette and traditional cigarette is cheap ?

From the consumer standpoint , more like e - cigarette device which is input at a time after the re - invested in small doses . If you are enthusiast , kept adding the other device ; or if you just imported tobacco , electronic cigarettes than traditional cigarettes more cheaply , but it is better for the environment than traditional cigarettes .

10 , where I could use e - cigarettes in public places ?

At present there is no legal provision does not allow the use of electronic cigarettes . But now public opinion in the case of the electronic cigarette guide is not yet clear . In order not to give people around added psychological burden , please try not to use e - cigarettes in public places . If you really want to show the smoke of spiritual demand , please attend the Friends of electronic cigarette at a party . Where no one will take you when the monster , because it was all a big monster , trembling .

11, e - cigarettes , produce smoke ? smoke e - cigarettes with the tobacco smoke of the same ?

Electronic cigarette smoke and the smoke of my cigarette is completely different . one which is liquid and one solid . Electronic cigarette smoke with water vapor , a state more similar , although the electronic cigarette of secondhand smoke to others never caused trouble . But we also believe that , at any time give people caused trouble is not polite . should people respect each other .

12, The first device is selected , what ?

Electronic cigarette and go straight to the home - and - answer areas of postings , many posts can give clear answer in the answer , don ' t need to ask again , directly to buy , buy , buy .

Even the quiz ever Iook ? Visit a selection from the likes of popular products , are generally not too outrageous . Even if ultimately not - too - that suits you , but is just a very good equipment , but also from the big producers of the popular devices , you might also give the other player .

What is ? First , some broad : , aspire , Clay Peng , both well - known , and each company has its own famous suit .

so many big brands that they never bothered to pick ? I ' ll see my " equipment is recommended in the pit entry - level sticker " for the country , and all of a player ' s reputation is the best entry mounted , directly pick you most like to buy , buy , buy .

surrounding the concept of Answering :

13 , what is a smoke bomb ?

smoke cartridge fume to be the equivalent of - disposable contact lens , is a tar of electronic cigarette and atomizer integrated consumables . Once the tanks are depleted , requiring replacement . At present this is not on , is going away .

14 , regulating or mechanical ?

If you have decided to put into the pit , we recommend that you type from the regulation of electronic cigarettes . Such a tobacco - rod safety is the highest , but there is also a short - circuit protection function . while the mechanical lever relative to novice players , and there is no short - circuit protection and voltage regulation functions , plus a number of merchants , they wouldn ' t recommend you do not use a mechanical lever . Everything should be safety first .

15 , what is meant by the MOD ?

MOD is the abbreviation for Modification , it originates from computer game enhanced program . In this field you can understand become e - cigarette accessories in many aspects , a combination of stainless steel , acrylic , a ceramic base and the like . The atomizer may be of any appearance or function on the change of behavior are referred to as the MOD . Keep it simple , similar to the automobile refitting . This is also the ego development As of today in which a part of the charm .

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