Electronic and Mechanical Novice Players a Tobacco - Rod !

Novice Electronic cigarette rod and player mechanical bar what is the difference ? The woody bambuseae were divided into plants , the electronic cigarette also can be divided into two types : electronic rod , is a mechanical lever . This is the most know e - cigarettes and more people understand , however , the mechanical and electronic lever rod exactly what ' s different , very few people truly get to know too . Today , everyone jumped by electronic and mechanical lever rod What ' s the difference . 

Electronic and mechanical lever rod of distinction

Electronic cigarette is divided into two structures , one battery bar , a atomizer . wherein the lever has one of the electronic circuit board , while the mechanical lever that belongs to the circuit board . Electronic adjustable lever possesses the function of the voltage , the resistance of the core according to the atomization voltage is adjusted , by adjusting the voltage of the function lets the user choose need , the amount of smoke and taste . while the mechanical mod is at the voltage adjustment is made with the type of tobacco .

1 , batteries of distinction

Typically , an electronic lever used for multi - cell battery lasting , long - lasting battery refers to the output of the current will be relatively stable and relatively low ( generally releases current power of approximately 2A to 5A ) between the battery type . while the mechanical lever of the battery and the power battery is used , a battery refers to the output current is high ( 20A ) to 35A between battery types . Both battery at the time of purchase must be distinguished .

2 , by regulating the amplitude of the difference

Because the rod possesses the electronic circuit board , so it can be physical keys or information specifying a command to adjust the size of the power . while the mechanical lever because no circuit board , and so was unable to realize manual voltage regulation of the operation . However , we can change the drip in the heating wire atomizer to control the amount of smoke .

3 , out of the smoke amount difference

Typically , an electronic lever of cigarette smoke can not reach the playing of the ideal state . general electronic rod pumping , the amount of smoke is about 3 - 5 port , the amount of smoke cigarettes , but some of the electronic battery and the atomizing core rod because of the stronger function , the amount of smoke it should manage around 7 - 8 units of cigarettes , the amount of smoke even more . however , mechanical lever out of the smoke and all the more impressive . Because a single mechanical rod of a cigarette - - the equivalent of 2 - 3 of the smoke spit out smoke . Despite the mechanical lever out of the smoke was very impressive , but not certain , it can be sometimes difficult to manage .

Through the introduction above , we believe that everybody on the electronic and mechanical lever rods , deepening the understanding of many , but still here to remind you that , regardless of whether you use electronic or mechanical lever rods , for housing the battery must follow the " toward the positive electrode , negative electrode " of the basic principles .

Why are pro - consumer electronic cigarette high pow mechanical

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular electronic cigarette products and styles but Ling Lang everywhere , in thousands of products , the mechanical power electronic cigarette products come to the fore , more and more popular with consumers , and many of our market from a variety of mechanical - power e - cigarettes , it can be seen that the optical products are popular and unpopular .

For mechanical power the electronic cigarette of the concept of the industry has not given a specific , uniform definition . Mechanical power electronic smoke in short time by consumers is due mainly to its own characteristic charm :

1 , this power can be large , a large amount of smoke

with other types of e - cigarettes , cigarettes and no mechanical power electronic circuit board , which is almost completely dependent on the mechanical principle of the current delivered to the end of the atomizer , which is connected by a circuit implemented in an atomizer tobacco tar atomization . Its capacity is usually large , may be replaced at the same time , the consumer may need adaptation according to different type and capacity of the battery , and the majority of the mechanical power electronic cigarette having an adjustable voltage output , the product of power than the other of the electronic cigarette is larger , the amount of smoke is also relatively large .

2 , use of low cost

high pow mechanical electronic cigarette has a maximum benefit , that is , each of the components of the removable , replaceable , as long as a mechanical power of the electronic cigarette body , a battery , an atomizer may be her own , which component is worn or damaged , the damaged component may be administered to re - purchase , there is no need to replace the whole of the product , the product can be greatly reduced and the cost of use .

3 . Design of the novel , the atmosphere

high pow electronic cigarette mechanical in design to the response to the e - cigarettes thinking durance , incorporates a number of fresh elements and design concepts . . The appearance of this selective approach , and the style and content to different consumer preferences .


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Since the mechanical smoke each detachable component may change the characteristics of high - power mechanical devices would satisfy those who understand the working principle of electronic products , and she also has her own fresh ideas of e - cigarette interest in a kind of a revamping of the desire product , which is " to create " ability .

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