Electrial Cigarette Can Help Reduce 21 Percent Smoking Death Rate

This study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse , the National Cancer Institute , cancer intervention and monitoring network modeling sponsored , found under the normal conditions , the atomizing electronic cigarettes and other goods on public cleaning effects are lively .

multiple research attempts to evaluate e - cigarettes on public cleaning effect , on the contrary . Early this year , the California high school students A study has found that e - cigarettes use rate is more than twice that of the conventional cigarette.

The latest study is not the same as it did in the past , because it sums up the country through the use of the data . the past , the local data of the study may have special ways , and without constant representative of all countries .

to examine the differences in two groups of young people , a basis does not touch any nicotine commodity of the crowd , one is originally the smoking crowd . When the groups are thinking , study effect is also good.

Many experts thought the administration and thoroughly turns on the electronic cigarette smokers on health is advantageous .

Schroeder , director of the Tobacco Institute in the implementation of the David Abrams said : " While the data doesn ' t like we wanted . It was all so clear , we put forward a full allocation of national data , and therefore we think we can get good prediction effect . "

Most previous studies considered electronic cigarette use of people is in the past 30 days had used e - cigarettes to the crowd . include those to take part in rallies while using or selling the electronic cigarette of the crowd.

" The crowd doesn ' t come to our attention , " Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer induction base of oncology professor David Levy said . " We tried to understand the long - time use e - cigarettes users . "

On 5 May , the FDA announced its tobacco processing after all the rights to be extended to include e - cigarettes , cigarette holders , cigar and hookah . The guidelines in early August , at the request of the Company on 15 February 2007 on the future introduction of any tobacco , you are adding to the demand are the introduction authorization .

Levy and other e - cigarette advocates say the FDA ' s regulatory over - might more usefully replace those torn cigarette safety of product .

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