E liquid Composition is an Open Secret

I smoke production division in the store position, I mixed a variety of spices blended oil, I feel it is a great job. The shelf is provided to all to store customer most of the smoke is manual deployment, the sale of oil accounted for 95% of the white smoke formula is only four kinds of ingredients are organic materials.

The most basic oil composition is VG (vegetable glycerin: vegetable glycerin).

Our store, as well as all other electronic cigarette stores, uses certified organic VG, which features a lot of smoke, but not a good smell of VG. Another ingredient is PG (propylene glycol: propylene glycol), before some people think that PG is the main component of antifreeze, so alarmist indictment of electronic smoke harm to the body. This is not entirely correct, they put the PG and DG mixed up, before the discovery of DG generation of electronic cigarettes sold in large supermarkets in the organization (propylene glycol: two DEG), it is a kind of harmful substances, we store this product is not added, propylene glycol is the government allowed a food additive.

PG, a major component of Shu Chuanling's asthma medication, is also a major component of asthma steam treatment and is absolutely safe when inhaled. PG has dissolved stronger than VG, and the fusion of the flavor is very good, another kind of flavor components of smoke, you'll need to use the PG as solvent. Flavor is food grade, there are two types of natural and artificial extraction, oil production division level and imagination determines the flavor mixed after finally showing what kind of effect.

I want to talk a little bit about the oil composition, now many people Debate Society said: "we don't know what's in the smoke and harmful substances." This argument should not overdo sth. in front of relevant scientific research evidence, because we do not know what is the ingredient in the smoke, and the smoke composition had a large number of relevant studies to illustrate their time in the use of electronic cigarettes to toxicity.

The last ingredient is nicotine pharmaceutical grade, all oil production will have nicotine control range in human body can be accepted. The nicotine content of smoke from 36mg per milliliter (similar to a cigarette without tip) to 0mg per ml are. So here comes the question. Smoking also smokes 0mg nicotine content, that does not feel anything also not? What about bragging?

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