E-Cigs Lead in UK Groceries

The UK advertising watchdog, the ASA (Advertising Standards Association) now allows adverts for e-cigs on the telly, as long as they do not target non-smokers. One tenth of one percent of e-cig users are not ex-smokers, so the potential problem seems miniscule. “Grocery retailers may struggle to compete with the choice of devices and flavours available online and should ensure that they are offering a strong range that hits a variety of price points,” Kendall suggests.

Meanwhile, Big Tobacco firms are buying up small vaping supplies companies in an attempt to muscle in on the industry that is threatening its already declining profits, and solve the problem of declining smoking rates by dominating the market for smoking cessation. Grocers may be enjoying profits from e-cigs, but will have to continue competing with online sales, says Neilson tobacco analyst Natasha Kendall.

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