E-cigarettes are Less Harmful

Concerning pulmonary response, the only effect that was statistically significant was an elevation in inflammatory cells in the bronchoalveolar lavage. Inflammatory mediators were not elevated in the e-cigarette group compared to the control group.

Concerning infection, the e-cigarette group showed impaired clearance of infectious agents and slower recovery. Mortality was elevated in e-cigarette group but was not statistically different from the control group.

This is why I recommend that if people make the decision to try vaping from e cigarette store or e cigarette shop that they should go with a standard sized e-cigarette to start. You could go to a e cigarette store, chose some e cigarette starter kits and suitable vape tanks, and soon you will get your best vape tank. These can be the rechargeable type or disposable. Imecig coil and imecig vaporizer are also recommended for its safety and high quality.

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