E Cigarette Smoking in Public Places is a Big Problem Facing the Industry

About the electronic cigarette in secondhand smoke in public places problem is too much concern, because the current research has demonstrated that the electronic cigarette secondhand smoke on people is basically harmless, now there is no scientist in the continuing study of the problem is obvious.

The United States from the west coast to the east coast of the country are discussing how to legislation to limit the smoke electronic cigarettes in public places, now the policy without considering the electronic cigarette executives, because people to the electronic cigarette smoke shop to buy is to try and experience, but according to the law, consumers are not allowed to smoke in the electronic cigarette store.

The various kinds of restrictive laws and regulations continue to occur, although a large number of studies have shown that the electronic cigarette products can bring a lot of good things, but the electronic cigarette practitioners or by these regulations tied can't do anything in this case, the final profit is only large tobacco companies and the sale of smoking cessation products pharmaceutical company.

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