E Cigarette and FAT JOE's Cookin MV

We know that electronic cigarettes in recent years, become a fashion must-have artifact.Entertainers for electronic cigarette is more and more favour, use the stars themselves not only in private, more have been into all kinds of fashion week, film and television works.Now, also be introduced in music MV!

Recently, the FatJoeVEVO singer on YouTube released by FAT JOE, Remy Ma and French Montana joint filming new song "Cookin official MV.

In the MV, multiple occurrences of the lens of the electronic cigarette!

Singers in the desert, with costly activity, dynamic music, driving expensive porsche super sports car, ride a camel across the desert, make people charmed.

More imagination than Japanese, however, meaning a electronic cigarette, the tantalizing smoke slowly again, posture is really beautiful, really hot.Then look at the enchanted expression, after watching, you will want to immediately a whiff of e cigarettes!

  IMECIG electric cigarette

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