The product will have a couple of novel features, the foremost being that, unlike other e-cigs, it will contain tobacco. However the tobacco will not be burned, but simply heated. Apparently the heat will be sufficient to produce flavor, and PMI claims that it will be a more authentic and pleasing tobacco flavor than what is obtained from tobacco-flavored e-liquid. Or perhaps users will simply feel comforted by the fact that it is there.

In any case, emboldened by the presence of real tobacco in the HeatStick, PMI feels authorized to brand it as a Marlboro, in contrast to all of the other e-cigarettes being marketed by Big Tobacco companies. Many vapers will not wish to frame their attitudes toward their vaporizers in such grandiose mystical, and morbid, terms, but the goal is the same. And some of the comment is much more upbeat.

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