E Cigarette Advance #Part3

3: I want to use what the taste of the smoke to smoke my collocation bar? I should choose what concentration of smoke?

This small Xin is recommended to use the 10MG (10 mg) about the concentration of smoke for daily use, the smoke concentration for labeling mg of nicotine per milliliter of liquid smoke contained. If there is no smoking or female friends entertainment can choose no concentration of smoke to smoke, you try to spit around, after all, oil is not cheap.

There are many kinds of smoke taste for people to choose, one taste of cigarettes and tobacco smoke relations are not just a synonym, good smoke taste is good, everyday use or taste of cigarettes is appropriate, if it is to quit smoking friends can choose fruit flavor and taste of tea or other food to taste and slowly decreased, if you are unable to meet the taste of tobacco smoke can be replaced to properly cool a. Smoke to choose good quality, the market is flooded with a lot of brands and three smokeless mixed oil, oil sources and suggestions to identify manufacturers in the purchase. Tastes differ all tastes., here is not recommended.

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