E-cig Harm Reduction Strategies

According to one of the Imecig research, many smokers find that the available nicotine replacement options, such as nicotine patches or gum, simply do not work and only make them crave traditional cigarettes more. One reason that electronic cigarettes have been so successful in converting smokers to vapers is that they provide the same hand-to-mouth action as traditional cigarettes, as well as supplying the nicotine fix that these smokers crave.

A trend absent with nicotine patches or gum, e-cigarettes have even drawn in smokers that are not trying to quit and also have converted them over to vapers as well. Rather than demonizing e-cigarettes with false claims and unfounded “studies”, government agencies and public health officials need to focus on the reduction of toxins and the positive health benefits for both the smokers and bystanders.

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