E-Cigs Will Return to The Original Intention of Quitting Smoking

Electronic cigarettes come today, the old players can recall the symbolic era of e-cigarettes for each year. In 2017, we saw that the RTA's revolutionary improvement also saw the emergence of various black technologies and innovative structures that have further optimized the real experience of e-cigarettes. The re-evolution of the new small-smoking equipment also pushed the electronic cigarette, which was originally intended to stop smoking, to move to another level in a single area.

Although e-cigarettes have been better promoted in the diversified development of big smoke, fancy smoke and the like, their mission of quitting smoking has not changed. Early EGO, smoking and other smoking cessation device positioning due to technical problems and showed a sense of user experience as expected, many users give up because of the bad experience of the use of electronic cigarettes to re-select traditional cigarettes.

In addition to their own health problems, in fact, the side effects of re-selecting traditional cigarettes are quite obvious. For example, the second-hand smoke brought by friends and family around us, such as the yellowing and darkening of teeth caused by long-term smoking, such as the bad breath problems over time ...

Beginning in 2017, a new batch of small smoke devices slowly emerge that are re-targeted for smoking cessation or tobacco use and appear to be more user-focused, such as PHIX, BO, JUUL, MT, and later NXR and VLADDIN optimized for everyone's sight ...

Looking back at the evolution of a series of small smoke equipment evolution, smoke bombs taste more and more choice, the air tightness of smoke bombs are getting better and better, these advances have brought the user experience of qualitative change, more convenient and more Peace of mind is an inevitable trend of benign development. Enter 2018, we will welcome more small smoke for smoke equipment and richer smoke bomb taste experience, although this is only a simple guess, but in fact whether it is, we'll see.

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