Don't Call It Smoking,Vaping is Developing Its Own Language, Culture and Technology!

Electronic cigarette public signs : Don ' t call it smoking . In young users , the vaping is moving quickly to develop its own language , culture and technology . Electronic cigarette for giving up smoking , not far way , or , as some have feared , is a gateway to smoking . For many people , e - cigarettes is more like a hobby .

According to a six - month , 14 - 25 year olds smoking - related attitudes and behavior trends of the study show that today ' s young people think vaping is one form of smoking , electronic cigarettes containing nicotine interest also is not large , only 28 percent of participants said they were using e - cigarettes to quit smoking . They are more interested in e cig flavors and a variety of patterns.

flavors such as Skittles , Red Bull and a sexy beach is popular among young people . The researchers also found " Chasing Cloud " , which is due to a number of techniques such as blowing smoke rings or the like . Skilled puff on it but it is possible for the user to operate the devices to change their spit out a cloud of vapor the size and shape .

It even regarded by some as the sport . an electronic cigarette store in New York have organized a contest for the vaping.

The new rules will limit the nicotine in e - content . But studies suggest that electronic cigarettes are surpassing is seen as a substitute for nicotine delivery system.

" In this age group , with the use of vaping nicotine , more a matter of personal choice , the lift status among his peers , and socialize with friends , " Durham College of Applied Social Sciences Criminology Professor Fiona Measham said .

And , more experienced , Chases the Clouds ' skills in the game more he can win in the puff is actively avoid nicotine , because it has the potential to disrupt their performances ' .

Research also shows that , although most of the use of e - cigarette users currently young smokers , and young people have on electronic cigarettes and more interested in signs , but this does not mean that smoking is more easily accepted by people , because they know the vaping and tobacco smoking , vaping and not whether smokers .

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