Does E Cigarette Trigger Smoke Detectors?

Whether the electronic cigarette smoke will trigger the smoke detector?

When Southwest Airlines flight 3654 took off from Florida, the plane no troops, in addition to a guilty of smoking and the restlessness of the passengers. On the way, the passenger finally lost his addiction to cigarettes, touched the bathroom and secretly smoked electronic cigarettes. Shortly afterwards, all the passengers, including him, suffered a huge shock - the fire went off and eventually forced the plane to make an emergency landing. Can smoke smoke trigger common smoke detectors?

Some people think that electronic cigarettes don't trigger smoke detectors, so someone abroad has done an experiment:

Well, the situation in the film is a bit extreme. In the example above, Tom, he sprayed smoke directly into the smoke detector.

I and Tom are in the office of electronic cigarettes, but even if I use Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery and the bartender "game even suck, I never triggered smoke detector, until I directly sprayed into the smoke detector.

According to a smoke detector produced by St Davids Fire, a smoke from an electronic cigarette does not trigger a modern smoke detector. After all, this kind of modern smoke detector is designed to avoid "false touch" as much as possible. However, if you smoke indoors, or even smoke on airplanes, you still have the opportunity to trigger smoke detectors, especially when you smoke a lot of smoke.

And also make sure you don't smoke on the plane, because it's going to be pretty tough. He was forced to spend a night in a prison in Qatar, just like the passenger who had crashed the plane because he was smoking
Which kind of smoke detector is easy to trigger by electronic smoke?

Ionization (Ionisation): very sensitive to tiny smoke particles. They have two live radioactive plates inside. When the smoke particles enter the detector, the smoke particles destroy the power between the two boards, triggering the smoke detector. The detectors used in our experiments are ionized.

Optical alarms: the main body of an optical fiber smoke detector is an infrared beam. When the smoke particles enter the detector, the smoke particles will make the infrared become sparse, and trigger the detector.

Heat alarms: a common kitchen. These smoke detectors seem to be most unlikely to be triggered by smoke from electronic smoke. After all, they detect temperature, not particles.

When we the South Welsh fire department rescue service, they told us the fiber type smoke detector should most easily trigger electronic cigarette smoke, although the experience we tell our ionization type smoke detector will be triggered.


How much chance does your electronic smoke trigger the smoke detector?

Fortunately, electronic smoke triggers smoke detector news is not common. The smoke detector detects smoke particles (tiny solids generated by burning materials), and the smog of electronic smoke is a "fog /vapour" made up of vapor (gaseous and small liquid objects). In addition, the vapor mist (vapour) dissipates faster than the smoke particles.

However, at present, we think that the PG and essence contained in cigarettes are the reason why the particles of electronic smoke smoke become bigger than those of steam particles from the hot kettle. According to the fog machines experiment at the Ohio University (OhioUniversity), a smoke generator containing propylene glycol also triggers a smoke detector.

So, although ordinary smoke detectors seem unlikely to be triggered by electronic smoke, there's still the possibility.

Is it safe to smoke in a hotel?

Different hotels have different electronic cigarette standards, and some hotels totally ban electronic cigarettes, even though other hotels do not have special specifications for electronic cigarettes. If it's a hotel close to electronic cigarettes, then it's a good idea to go out and patronize them

But the hotel smoke detector compared to your office or home is equipped with the standard is more sensitive, and when Tom Premier at the Inn Hotel smoke detector smoke when he noticed the red light flashes smoke detector.

At the same time, a hapless reddit netizen triggered a smoke detector in his hotel at seven in the morning, and the entire hotel was called, and finally he was fined 200 dollars.

So, if you want to smoke in the hotel, you'd better watch where the hotel smoke detector is, and use your electronic smoke outside the smoke detector, or stand next to the window.

Will your smoke smoke trigger the smoke detector on the plane?

Smoke detectors on airplanes are very, very, extremely, super super sensitive.

Most (but not all) airlines will not allow you to use standard electronic cigarettes on board (though some airlines will sell small smoke versions on the aircraft).
As we've seen earlier, some people sleep in jail for QatarAirways smoking on airplanes. In fact, sleeping in jail for a night is an extreme situation, but usually your electronic cigarettes will be confiscated, and you have to pay a lot of fines, and even be written into the no fly list.

In Britain, most trains and buses ban electronic cigarettes.

Finally, it is recommended that you do not use electronic smoke in aircraft, high-speed rail, or in places where smoking is prohibited.

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