Do Like The Taste of The Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette

Almost all tobacco brands have tobacco - smoke , especially Chinese brands , many Chinese have what amounts to imitation , parody , imitation of what Liqun . 

What on earth are the smoke can be smoked and Chinese or other cigarette taste exactly the same ? 

Unfortunately , there is now no one can smoke and smells like cigarettes , could even be said , even close to as similar . 

Tobacco combustion produces large amounts of tar , which has over 1000 components , tar is mainly in tobacco carcinogens , to completely mimic the taste of cigarettes , may only be added to the tars is manifestly contrary to the principles of health . because in the case of cigarettes , humans now have no way to effectively remove tar produced during the combustion , then so be it , but add actively carcinogens , just for the taste , it is a bit far . It ' s inexcusable . 

So , if you ' re looking for a change and the Chinese , or Yellow Crane Tower , or other tobacco taste exactly like electrons , you would have to be disappointed , because the answer is no . 

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