Do Electronic Cigarettes Taste the Same as Real Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes and tobacco smoke are two different products. Many people are curious, but electronic cigarettes are different from cigarettes.

A lot of people can't live without electronic cigarettes because of the desire to play. The electronic cigarette is instead of cigarette items, but now more like Wenwan, photography, calligraphy and painting the general interest, become a kind of culture.

A cigarette as everyone knows, hurt many, not good, completely is to satisfy the human body dependence on cigarettes, smoking is often the habit, and nicotine body need every day is not much, but the habit of smoking was the most terrible.

There is a fundamental difference between electronic cigarettes and cigarettes, which burn tobacco and are plant species. What we smoke is the smoke that plants burn, will add a few other substance to enter lung, for instance carbon monoxide, tar.

The electronic cigarette is heated by smoke, the smoke is not really smoke, but the water vapor, so there is an essential difference between the electronic cigarette and smoke it. Therefore, the taste is not the same.

The correct understanding is we use electronic cigarettes to replace the taste of cigarettes, to meet our daily habits to feel.

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