Don’t Annoy People With Your Vaping

We learnt from some Imecig fans that they always meet some problem when vape in the public place: not everyone is a fan of smelling vapes. Sure, they don't smell as bad as cigarettes, and the vapour does disappear within seconds, but it doesn't mean you want to be surrounded by it. We can especially understand that you don't want to be surrounded by a storm cloud of different flavors at once – it's a bit like standing in the perfume section in the middle of a department store.

And here is the solution: It's a basic one really, just be considerate. Even if a person isn't anti-vaping, they could easily be anti-you-sitting-right-next-to-them-vaping. Unless you know that person is fine with it, see if you can move a little further away, sit downwind, or at least ask them if they mind. If you're with a group of friends, try not to mob anyone with your clouds.

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