Did The Electronic Cigarette BUG Ever Bother You?

Has the electronic cigarette BUG ever bothered you? The world of electronic smoke is complex and simple. A novice will meet a variety of electronic cigarette BUG problem, as we like the same old rookie, stumbled into this wonderful world.

1. host USB interface, you can use the data line charging it?

The built-in battery can only be charged by wire, and we don't discuss it here. The replaceable batteries host we can use the line charge? Some marked USB line can be used only to upgrade the system, some indication can be recharged using the USB line, and some even equipped with a fast charger, you can use the fast charge.

But Xiao Bian believes that, in the case of the use of professional battery charger, regardless of whether the host chip charging module, protective measures should not be charged quickly with data lines.


2.Atomizer low/not found

Rather than the host problem, it's a combination of the mainframe and the atomizer. Both of them have a fault, which may cause the host prompt Atomizer low/not found. So what is the problem and how to solve it?

Problem out and 510 interface. Although the atomizer and equipment interface matching, thread length, but also to the equipment of the positive electrode elastic screw atomizer height, the fit degree, are likely to cause this phenomenon.

The solution is very simple, first of all, we put the screws and tighten the cathode atomizer, the interface clean, to prevent foreign interference such as iron, then screw on the atomizer, don't screw is not tight, OK?

3. how much power should I use to push my atomizer?

Many beginners get their first device excitedly refueling boot, then, Mongolia, you should use the power of big power to push? Many veteran will tell you that you should use the 17/ resistance. Is that right? If we make a resistor like 0.66 or 1.21, we need a calculator?

In fact, this is not necessary. What's the name of our device? The thermostat. From the name, we can see that we control the power output by regulating the voltage. Many single voltage regulating devices do not even have the function of regulating power, and they are controlled by voltage only. We use the box to adjust the voltage from the 3.5V-4.5V to find the taste, convenient and fast, without calculation, is not a lot of simple?


Host no way to boot, in the end where the broken?

The main reason why the host can not boot is usually caused by 3 reasons: battery, equipment circuit, device chip. The battery is simple, replacing other rechargeable batteries. How to judge the chip and the line? Is very simple, take off the battery, use the USB interface to the host power chip in normal circumstances, do not have the battery also can give host boot Oh ~ the tips, made friends? We should exclude the chip fault check is very negative. If you can batteries connected, battery line is.

Atomizer chapter

There are many kinds of atomizer: finished products, RBA, RTA, RDA. They also have a variety of ways of conducting oil, and let's talk about some of the typical issues about how we solve them.

1. oil spills

Oil spills, that is, the oil leaks out from the inlet or bottom of the oil tank.

RBA vacuum oil guide inlet hole leaks for cotton, cotton is too small can not block the oil guide groove, unable to control the oil flow rate, oil chamber pressure imbalance resulting from the air inlet position, oil leakage. Oil spills in this situation, increase the amount of cotton, block the oil groove will be radical cure and improvement. In addition, the breakage and displacement of the sealing rubber ring will lead to the leakage of the oil pressure in the storehouse, and replace the apron.

A qualified product core oil leakage is often closely related to our habits. When we run the core, to run the atomizer core too much oil, cotton has been saturated, the excess fluid into the airway, deposited at the bottom, thus leading to oil spills. In the end do not use oil atomizer placed for a long time, smoke will be through the cotton inlet leakage, is caused by a major culprit oil atomizer. In addition, when the atomizing core use time is too long, too much carbon deposition or cotton has been paste, resulting in poor oil locking capacity of cotton, there is no way to balance the state of oil conduction, oil leakage will inevitably occur.

2. hop resistance

This situation for MOE babies, it is not strange. Just done the core, press the ignition switch did not smoke, the resistance will jump back and forth a few times, will not be short circuit? In order to solve the problem of jumping resistance, first of all, we must understand, what is jump resistance.

At the beginning there have been such a situation: A, value rose by 0.02, 0.05, and jump back! In fact, these are normal, we use the battery, equipment, heating wire, atomizer itself is a resistance, all affect what we see increased resistance, even smoke the residual carbon deposition on the heater will cause heating wire resistance.

So, what kind of situation is the real jump resistance?

When the range of resistance is over 0.2, we should pay attention to it. The normal range of resistance will not exceed 0.2. At this time, the need to check the heating wire is wound, there is no clean molding touch the silo wall and the atomizer base screw is not tighten loose caused positive Taiwan? All these will cause the atomizer hop resistance.

3. locks

Locking is a very common problem for atomizer. It was good 1 minutes ago, and then it couldn't be opened! Then, various kinds of wonderful coping methods appeared,

In fact, to solve the electronic cigarette BUG method is very simple, increase friction. The tools are used in every home, and the rubber gloves are gently screwed. Is it open? Of course, the next time it may happen, tears rush to ing!

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