Connection Between E-Cig and Medicine Industry

From you could also learn some interesting information about the technology. E-cig is not just about vaping but also provide some inspiration on curing.

Some researchers recognize that many different drugs could be administered through vape parts like in the form of e liquid cartridges. This could be a little helpful for those who might have a fear of needles. Beyond that little phobia, administering medicine with vaping technology could help with some of the negative effects of drugs.

Vaping allows the drug to bypass the digestive system. Of course, one of the drawbacks of introducing narcotics into vaping technology will be that vaping could develop a more negative stigma. It could become associated with the use of illicit narcotics, and people who vape could be assumed to be drug addicts. But that would be more of a social issue than a medical one. From a medical perspective, vaping technology has potential. A more controversial issue will be whether medical professionals should encourage vaping for drug abusers. One clear advantage will be that the addict is not injecting the drug directly into their bloodline, so the risk of sharing needles will be blunted. Again, from a medical perspective, this is an advantage. The issue that would arise would relate to public policy and law rather than medical practices.

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