Compared to Smoking, Vaping reduce 97% Carcinogen

People know that smoking is harmful to health , smoking , secondhand smoke generated in the right place . Women , children and other non - smokers ' health caused great harm to humans . China 3 . 5 billion in cigarette smokers trying to quit the group , most failed to do so , smokers can aspire to ever follow , and which does not affect the health of the product .

Recently , " Good morning , Britain ! " published by the news that , studies suggest that electronic cigarettes Safety superior to traditional cigarettes . The study , by University College London led the researchers to develop , study object , covering a wide range of traditional cigarettes , e - cigarettes and use of nicotine replacement therapy ( nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum and the like ) . The researchers , who study the subject ' s saliva and urine and found that those who have been a traditional human smokers , in using e - cigarettes and more than half a year after , in some of the worst of the carcinogens of the tobacco level is quite low . Like NNAL such lung cancer - inducing compounds , such as the in - vivo smokers content below the average of 97 . 5 %.

In addition , as the best known tobacco brand , Marlboro cigarettes in his own new packaging on which said E - 95 % are less than normal to your health . they might as well ; the electronic cigarette to human health caused by cigarettes than traditional low 95 per cent of the UK Public Health Association ( PHE ) . "

In a California company called the electronic cigarette technology is applied to the field of medical treatment , medical electronic cigarette at discounted prices . This product contains essential oils from plants , which are subjected to a special modulation , can make people calm , produce drowsiness , insomnia , headaches and other complications . 2016 , " The Times " put the products madetime 2016 annual global " 25 best inventions ".

" With e - cigarettes in the global popularization of the scientific research and the development of the technology , instead of a conventional cigarette , the health hazards of increasingly smaller and more and more conform to the new era of consumer habits and the pursuit of health . " kanger tech company chairman Zhu Xiao Chun told reporters .

Reportedly , Er Kang as an international e - cigarette brands , its product quality is stable , convenient for use , appearance in the classic features of more than 70 countries around the world that enjoy the reputation of the consumer . Over the past decade , hundreds of millions of renminbi investment products for innovative research and development , always to meet the growing consumer health , fashion , environmental protection and other needs , both at home and abroad successively acquired hundreds of patents , as global consumers with hundreds of classic electronic cigarette products.

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