Compared to Other Tobacco Alternatives, What are The Advantages of E-cig?

Quitting smoking has become a common topic in the world, however, how to quit smoking has become a "heart disease" for those who are anxious to quit smoking. There are many alternatives to cigarettes, but the most useful of these is electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes not only imitate the taste of real cigarettes, but also allow them to quit smoking slowly while smoking.

The advantages of electronic cigarette:

Firstly. Security Advantages: All high, medium and low concentrations of nicotine in specialty bombs are lower than the nicotine level of ordinary cigarettes. Microcomputer smart chips are designed with special liquid supply barriers so that smokers can not smoke continuously for longer than the programmed time , Reducing the frequency of use to protect the health of smokers, the use of safer, the amount of smoke has no effect.

Secondly. Taste Advantages: All the oil and tobacco extract from the natural plant extracts to meet the needs of a variety of flavors, tastes close to ordinary cigarettes.

Thirdly. Technical advantages: Microcomputer intelligent control chip control the whole process of suction process, fully simulate real smoking, smoking easier.

At last. Functional advantages: Microcomputer intelligent chip automatically detects the internal cleanliness, timely automatic cleaning, clear traces of fouling, water mist to ensure compliance.

At the same time the best combination of some routine behavior, because quit smoking from now on, completely quit smoking or gradually reduce the number of smoking methods, usually 3 to 4 months to be successful. Such as:

1. Discard all cigarettes, lighters, matches and ashtrays.

2. Avoid participating in the usual habit of smoking places or activities.

3 drink water, eat fruit or walk, get rid of the idea of ​​a cigarette after dinner.

4 when smoking, to immediately take a deep breath activity, or chewing sugar-free chewing gum, avoid using snacks instead of cigarettes, otherwise it will cause blood sugar, body fat.

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