Canada's Regional Health Bureau Calls for Ban on Electronic Cigarettes

Tobacco online is reported as an electronic cigarette, also known as "nicotine electronic transmission system", which is used more and more widely all over the world. At present, health officials in many areas of Canada are calling for the authorities to develop electronic cigarette smoking regulations, including the chief medical officer Van Puentela Fraser Health Authority (Paul Van Buynder).

Van Puentela said that recently, the chief medical officer of the British Columbia Health Bureau held a seminar on electronic cigarettes, and found that electronic cigarettes were unregulated and used in public places. The Nova Scotia Provincial Department of health has moved a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants, whether or not cigarettes contain nicotine or other odors.

He said, "we have been making unremitting efforts to prohibit smoking in public places such as buildings, parking lots, hospitals, schools and so on, but unfortunately, there is no relevant legal support. It's easy to give our kids the illusion that they can smoke even on the school playground."

He pointed out that, even worse, the smoke flavored electronic devices do not contain nicotine, which may cause smokers try exposed to nicotine, and become a real smoker. Because the main selling group of multi flavor electronic cigarettes is teenagers, in fact, these children continue to smoke, which seriously affect their desire to quit smoking. This is a retrogression of society, completely contrary to the tobacco control plan.

A father of Tsawwassen, named Joe Braico. He was recently surprised to find that his 11 year old son had bought a 10 dollar blueberry flavored electronic cigarette from a retail store. When one of his son's friends bought cigarettes, he felt that smoking was cool, so he bought one.

There is an electronic cigarette called eZee Cig, which is a disposable electronic cigarette copying equipment, advertising claims to suck 600 times. When people inhale, the device lights up, and then releases a simulated cigarette. Braico said, "we're concerned about the lack of morality, or the lack of common sense of buying and using tobacco, in addition to the fact that sons want to imitate smoking."

Although eZee Cig indicated on the packaging will not be harmful to the body, do not entice users to smoke nicotine, but also suitable for legal smoking age, but it still is not consistent with the food and Drug Act of Canada's Ministry of health. This kind of cigarette has blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, grape, mint and tobacco flavor. Among them, the electronic cigarette with nicotine, according to the food and tobacco law, is provided to the people who quit smoking, and limit the use of adults over 19 years of age. But replicas of electronic cigarettes can be legally sold to minors.

Van Puentela pointed out that the health authorities are pressuring the federal government to treat electronic cigarettes like other tobacco products, including replica products like eZee Cig.

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