Can E Cigarettes Stop Smoking

Electronic cigarette has long been questioned, but he is still growing in doubt. And according to related reports, he should be the best smoking cessation products now, the highest rate of quitting smoking.


What effect does electronic cigarette smoking have on smoking cessation?

Objectively speaking, there are three following effects:

1. cigarettes replacement. The electronic cigarette smoking habits do not change, still smoke, meet the psychological needs.

2. tobacco control. Electronic cigarettes are steam, not burning smoke, and the production of second-hand smoke is very small.

3. harm reduction. The electronic cigarette only contains nicotine, solves the physical dependence, but does not contain the harmful substances such as tar produced by the traditional cigarette burning, and objectively reduces the harm.


Electronic cigarettes can replace cigarette dependence.

If you combine your will, slowly control the amount of electronic smoke inhalation, the use of electronic cigarettes to quit smoking should be considered a more scientific approach.

Specifically, the following advantages:

There is no such thing as hand smoke and secondhand smoke

There is no foul smell

No tar

Contains no tobacco

Naked fire

No ash

Lower than traditional cigarette costs

Does not pollute the teeth or damage the skin


Disadvantages of electronic cigarettes:

1, electronic cigarette because it does not burn, not real tobacco, the taste can not always be the same as cigarettes.

2, electronic cigarette market is currently chaotic, especially in the Taobao market, is full of a large number of counterfeit products, and even the best selling products, manufacturers are not qualified requirements.

3, electronic cigarettes are currently lack of effective supervision, leading to uncertainty.

4, the electronic cigarette has the obvious effect of exaggerated propaganda, such as a lot of people smoking Qingfei poison electronic publicity.

This is completely illegal propaganda, electronic cigarettes, even drugs are not, do not talk about lung detoxification. Moreover, science has proved that electronic cigarettes do not have any function of clearing away poison. Electronic cigarettes are now only specific substitutes for cigarettes and the role of assisted smoking cessation.

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