California Electronic Cigarettes and The Minimum Purchase Age To Be Raised to 21

2016 June 9 , California ' s minimum age using e-cigarettes to be raised to 21 . 

California ' s adoption of the provisions referred to in paragraphs 21 , prohibits a person under the age of 21 years to sell tobacco products , because the electronic cigarette is also included in tobacco products , are under the age of 21 from the 9th of June onwards is not where you can buy e-cigarette products . 

Deeming the FDA Regulation provisions greatly improved the electronic cigarette manufacturers , while the end consumer regulations are more stringent . 

Compared to the FDA on the manufacturer of the huge access permit , as stipulated in the provisions of the 21 - year - old also is not far off . Indeed , the use of nicotine products increase the minimum age is a good thing , the people have the judgment of an addiction to consumption , will be better with teens . 

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