California: Consider Banning Online Sales of Electronic Cigarettes

According to a law proposed by lawmakers in California in January 13th, the sale of electronic cigarettes and tobacco on the Internet may be banned.
Senator Roger Dickinson (Democrat of Sacramento) will present a to prevent people from buying tobacco and electronic cigarette in the online bill. He says children and teenagers are easy to get tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

He said, "we have to do more to protect our children, to avoid smoking addiction, and to avoid health problems that are associated with their lives.". Because people who sell cigarettes do not actually appear in front of those who buy tobacco, it is easy for young people who are not eligible to buy tobacco products or electronic cigarettes to buy these products."

About 10 smokers, 1 of them buy cigarettes online.

Traditional tobacco is not the only target product. Anti smoking supporters focus on electronic cigarettes.

Corey Titus, a California breathing organization, said: "electronic cigarettes are a very urgent trend, and their marketing is very close to children and adolescents."

Nicotine in electronic cigarettes goes into smokers through steam and non tobacco smoke. Because its health risks are still under study, Titus believes that electronic cigarettes should not fall into the hands of children.

She said: "of course, the nicotine delivery of some electronic cigarettes may be lower than that of cigarettes, but some other electronic cigarettes have much higher nicotine delivery capacity."

Barry Smith, the owner of the electronic cigarette bar, says that child safety is being used to push another nanny bill through.

He said, "yes, we have strawberry flavors, but don't adults like strawberry Margaret, strawberry pie, or raspberry pie?" We're not fighting for children to be consumers. It's ridiculous to say that." According to CBS news


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