British Media Rejects Who's "Electronic Cigarette Harm Theory"

Broadcasting British Corporation website recently issued "on the electronic cigarette is not good to say:" alarmist "" the title of the report, reported a study from the University College London believes that the electronic cigarette hazard warning is "alarmist", and increase the use of electronic cigarettes but can help.

According to the Institute's research, every 1 million smokers switch to electronic cigarettes and save at least 6000 lives a year.

The research reports at King's college and Queen's University, Marie, say that some of the assumptions in the previous World Health Organization's reports are misleading".

The World Health Organization recently issued a report calling for banning the use of electronic cigarettes in public places, because the organization believes that electronic cigarettes will increase the concentration of some toxins and nicotine in the air. The organization's report also believes that electronic cigarettes will become the primary way for non-smokers to become smokers.

According to the University College London team, non-smokers who use electronic cigarettes account for only 1% of the population, according to the survey of smokers. The researchers said that although the use of electronic cigarettes does produce some toxins, but the concentration is very low, nicotine and carcinogenic substances can not be compared with traditional cigarettes.

Who has not responded to these reports. Some experts say they worry that electronic cigarettes will cause curiosity of former non-smokers, leading to young people smoking.

However, the current data and data about electronic cigarettes are not enough, and further data collection is needed to determine the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes.

Experts say that the most important thing is how to manage electronic cigarettes, but not because the battery will overheat explosion, disable mobile phones and computers"

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