Battery Issues

Two incidents prompted the warning. In Boston's Logan International Airport, a bag that had already been loaded into the cargo hold of a plane burst into flames, and the aircraft (which was still on the ground) had to be temporarily evacuated. Only four have been definitely reported to be e-cig linked. But of course that's the fine print in the press report on the warning.

Vapers concerned about the public attitude toward vaping can take steps to avoid such instances in the future. One could place one's vaporizer in a case, where the 'on' button could not get pushed by jostling of the bag, in preparation for flight. Or one could temporarily disassemble the unit. Responsible vapers can do a lot to dampen the fires of negative public opinion that are ignited by an unfriendly and headline-hungry press.

But it’s safe to use our battery on Here you could learn more about the battery as well as the vape tank.

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