Are You Vape Fans?

It’s interesting that some Imecig users mark themselves as super Vaper. But, how we should define that? Here we provide some tips:

If your friend asks you where you'd like to meet for a coffee and you think it would be a great time to check out that new vape café that's just opened up down the road… you're probably a vape superfan.

Vaping culture is still fairly misunderstood, with many people assuming it's harmful in the same way that cigarettes are. If you get into arguments with strangers who are still a little misguided on these matters, you are both a fantastic advocate for vapers everywhere… and probably a vape superfan.

Are you a super vaper? If yes just let us know and we will provide more interesting products for your trial. And you could also DIY your vape with our Imecig accessories, tanks, atomizer, coils from our e-cig website and e-cig shops.

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