6 Things That Should be Noticed with E-Cigarette

Today we share 6 smoke electronic cigarette note events, a lot of people are just the start of the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette that will certainly encounter various problems, now with a look at the details of the 6 smoke electronic cigarette note event.

1, dry burning

Dry coil overheating occurs when the oil atomizer coil is insufficient, then not only the electronic cigarette taste spicy throat choking, taste bad.

There are many ways to avoid dry burning. First, let \ atomizer core atomization in an appropriate working power, if a maximum power is 15 watts, atomizing atomizer core, so not to more than 15 watts, high power will not only easy to produce dry, will greatly shorten the life of core atomization. For the vast majority of RTA atomizer, are not marked with the maximum power, but also have different maximum power with a different coil atomizer, the need on different types of atomizer and a coil, set the power in the case of understanding. A simple approach is to gradually adjust to the appropriate power.

The smoke will be different degrees of dry burning effect, in general, thin oil is not easy to dry, thick oil is easy to dry


2. Low battery voltage

Electronic host general minimum discharge voltage protection, do not worry too much. For the machine, there is no minimum discharge voltage protection. The battery work in less than the minimum discharge voltage is very dangerous, so if you use the machine, when the smoke was smaller, you can consider replacing the battery, do not smoke a cigarette is not only to change the battery.
PS. try to use electronic host, to avoid the use of machinery


3, dirty coil

After a period of time, the coil of the electronic smog generator will become black and carbon. At this point, not only the smoke will become smaller, the taste will become worse, but also the working temperature of the heating wire will be higher, and it will be easy to overheat and dry. So try to use a clean coil, and don't wait until the taste is not pumping for core atomization.


4, excessive throat feeling

Some users love a particularly strong sense of it will choose hit throat, high nicotine concentration of smoke, and an atomizer. Generally speaking, this is not what is not good, but everything has, that small smoke atomizer does not exceed 18 mg, an atomizer of less than 12 mg. If you really need a stronger sense of throat strike can be considered, the taste of tobacco smoke oil, tobacco smoke hammer throat feeling is strong.


5. Use drip atomizer when driving

It's easy to get distracted when you're on the phone while you're driving. Never use a drip atomizer for your own sake or for someone else's safety.


6, avoid nicotine overdose

Nicotine overdose, also known as nicotine OD, is essentially a nicotine delivery device that feeds your body with nicotine, and excessive intake of nicotine is very dangerous. Light people will let you faint for a while, the weight may be nausea, vomiting, poisoning symptoms, and even life-threatening. Many users love the electronic cigarette smoke stop, I want to say to you, a little lower concentration. Some new users try to play out, I want to say to you, from the start of 0 mg. Some users want to practice the smoke, I want to say to you, with no nicotine pure glycerin.


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