2030 E-Cigarette Market Will Reach $ 500bn

According to the latest data from the EU , 2014 e - cigarette filter tip and tobacco smoke from the size of the market than 2013 , doubled to $ 6bn in scale .

From the 2005 e - cigarettes in the beginning , the e - cigarette products . Each year , an increase of 70 per cent , is expected to push the electronic cigarette industry rapid development , mainly from electronic cigarette smoke are far in excess of the experience , and the user wishes to choose a healthier lifestyle . In 2014 , the US is the world ' s largest e - cigarette market , followed by the UK , Italy , Poland and France .

electronic cigarette users in 2014 reached 13 million people , most of them are former smokers .

From the beginning of 2009 , e - cigarette products from the similar appearance of the cigarette , the use of tobacco products , gradually to irrigate the tobacco tar of electronic cigarette , which can be used for receiving selection of the taste of tobacco smoke , while the independent reviews of tar products and brands are also more and more .

However , the electronic cigarette industry better prospects for the future are likely to be concerned about the government ' s intervention and full of uncertainty , like taxation , child protection , public places etc . But even taking into account the various factors of uncertainty , it is expected that e - cigarette industry scale in 2030 will reach $ 50 billion level .

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